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Nov 04 2015

Worker's Compensation Return to Work & Pay As You Go

By: Rob Lynn


Return-to-work programs are only effective if they are implemented with the support of all levels of management.  As with all programs that impact employees, they are much more successful when one allows the frontline employees to assist in the development of the overall return-to work plan.

Six Essential Components to be considered before an injury occurs:

  • Create a written return-to-work policy.

  • Review the policy with new employees during their orientation or with existing employees during their annual review.

  • Write a detailed job evaluation that identifies the specific tasks and physical demands associated with each job within the company.

  • Create a detailed job description for every position.

  • Establish a working relationship with a walk-in clinic or occupational medical center.

  • Assign a specific person in your organization that will be responsible for administering the return-to-work program. This person should have a thorough knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Workers’ Compensation Statutes.

    Since 1988, Total Team Solutions has provided our clients with Payroll Service, Employee Benefits, and Human Resource guidance.   TTS’ Pay As You Go Worker’s Compensation program helps our clients to reduce costs and improve cash flow   Anything from $1,500 to $1,000,000 in premium is available via our “A” rated insurance carriers. Total Team Solutions “Pay as you go workers compensation” is becoming more popular with our clients thanks to a number of benefits that it provides.

    Workers compensation is mandated by law and Total Team Solutions “pay as you go workers compensation” offers you the best way to stay compliant.  Here are five of the biggest benefits that “pay as you go workers compensation” can deliver:

  1. No Up Front Payment – Pay as you go  eliminates the huge up-front payments that traditional policies include.  With pay as you go workers compensation you'll pay into the account in real time, giving you the ability to better manage your cash flow.  Pay as you go workers compensation lets you keep more money in your bank account, paying out only when you must.
  2. No Estimates – Pay as you go worker's compensation allows you to avoid the archaic estimated payment method that other policies use.  With pay as you go workers compensation your payments are based on actual data and figures from payroll and the insurance company.

  3. No Audits – For most, this is the biggest benefit of pay as you go workers compensation policy.  Even though they could end in a return on your payments, audits can be expensive to deal with.  And having other parties review all of your company data can be stressful, as well.  Pay as you go workers compensation eliminates the need for costly year-end audits and allows you to keep your company moving forward instead of dealing with the hassle of audits.

  4. Real Time Management – This feature of pay as you go workers compensation was touched on earlier, but is a benefit all its own.  With pay as you go workers compensation you can review data as you need to and get an accurate look at premium payments, claim data, and more.  And with pay as you go workers compensation you can do so without having to wait until quarterly reports or other requirements are reached.

  5. Saved Money and Time – These benefits of pay as you go workers compensation encompass all of the above and more.  Pay as you go workers compensation saves your company money by eliminating audits and up-front payments, and saves you time by eliminating audits and letting you manage your information quickly.  In short, pay as you go workers compensation is the best way to solve your workers compensation needs.

    Total Team Solutions offers pay as you go workers compensation to its clients, helping them reduce their costs and still provide coverage to their employees.  If you're tired of audits, estimated payments, and huge up front charges, then switching to a pay as you go workers compensation plan could be the best move you make.

    Please contact Rob Lynn at 203-459-1777 ext. 6 or via email

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